Security for all the ways you connect

Traditional security relies on outdated signatures and can’t keep up with zero-day attacks. Discover a smarter solution.

This is what smarter can do for you:


Always up to date

Threat data is delivered to protected devices from the cloud in real time, all over the globe.

Lightweight client

Utilizes a <1MB client which installs, scans, and protects in seconds.

Secure browsing with real-time anti-phishing

Blocks fake sites that trick you into entering personal information

Lightning fast scans

Fast scans with no interruptions, so you and your device won’t be slowed down

Proven security by the numbers

We help protect you from:
New phishing attacks every day
New dangerous websites every day
New malicious files every day

Don’t let a security breach be the downfall of your business.

Cybercriminals increasingly target small businesses because they expect it to be easy. All too often, sensitive business and customer information lacks adequate protection. Globally, small businesses are the target of over one-third of all attacks.

We get it. You’re busy running your business. But your customers and partners are increasingly sensitive to security issues and want to know that it’s safe to do business with you. Now, with ADC get peace of mind by adding the protection you need that works all day, every day. And our security is powered by the same protection engine that is trusted by large enterprises.

Our security service secures your business and gives you time to focus on what’s really important to you — running your business.

Keep your business secure, no matter where you are.

With ADC, a single solution will protect your in-office computers and your on-the-go laptops, tablets and smartphones. Our service offers security for each device, so your PCs and Macs are protected from online threats and identity theft, while your smartphones and tablets are protected from loss and unwanted access to customer information.

Protection is mix and match. Protect a single desktop for one employee, or a laptop, tablet and smartphone for another. Customize your protection with the combination of employees and devices that makes sense for your business.

Managed by the experts.

Our service is monitored and maintained by our team of security experts. With our cloud management platform we are able to monitor all of your devices 24×7 for threats. When a threat is detected, we are able to deliver a fast and professional response.

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